i miss the pubI’m sure that all of you are as keen as us to get the pub re-opened as soon as possible. A few cans or bottles in the garden are fine but it cannot replace the unique atmosphere generated in a pub when socialising and eating and drinking with friends. We at The Boardwalk have missed you all and can’t wait to see you back.

It has been rumoured that pubs maybe able to open their doors at the end of June and that brewers have started the process to get fresh draught beer back into our cellars, this unfortunately has not yet been confirmed so we will have to keep you posted. At present we have no confirmed dates and are awaiting an update from the government on when and how we can open safely, it may just be external areas but as yet we are unsure.

What we can confirm is that we can assure all of our guests and staff that we will absolutely be following guidance and doing all we can begin serving meals and drinks in a safe environment.

Please stay safe and come back to see us as soon as you can.